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Overview and Specifications:

LW-K3010D: 0-30V/0-10A


1. High-precision LED digital display, intuitive and clear.

2. 8 cm intelligent fan, excellent heat dissipation, effectively extending fan life and reducing noise.

3. Using advanced technology, it effectively reduces the weight of the power supply and facilitates power supply movement.

4. Multiple protection functions, current limit protection (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP), over power protection (OPP).

5. Plastic panel, more beautiful, voltage and current set coarse adjustment and fine adjustment knob to make the setting more precise.

Application areas:

1. Charge the battery.

2. Car DVD, car audio.

3. Product aging, such as resistors, capacitors, relays, DC motors, LEDs, etc.

4. Laboratory, factory, maintenance power supply.

5. Everything else needs a DC regulated power supply.

Technical Parameters:

Line voltage: 200-240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz

Input current (at 220VAC, full load): 0.6A

Output voltage range: 0-30V

Output current range: 0-10A

Voltage display accuracy: ±0.5%

Current display accuracy: ±0.5%

Efficiency: >85%

Voltage adjustment

Load adjustment (10-100%): 50mV

Line voltage adjustment (200-240VAC): 20mV

Ripple and Noise (P-P): 50mV

Current adjustment

Load adjustment (10-100%): 20mA

Line voltage adjustment (200-240VAC): 20mA

Ripple and Noise (P-P): 20mA


Operating environment: -10°C to + 60°C / 30%RH to 90% RH

Body size: 7 (width) x 16 (height) x 22 (deep) cm

Packing size: 12 (width) x 21 (height) x 28 (deep) cm


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