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Overview and Specifications:

Scope of application:
This specification is used to specify the electrical, appearance, mechanical characteristics, and external environment requirements of the magnetic charging line.
1. The magnetic end of this product is divided into positive and negative two poles, which can respectively absorb the positive and negative ends of Li-ion lithium ion rechargeable battery. When the external charging adapter is plugged into the USB, one Li-ion lithium-ion battery can be charged, up to 1000mA charging current. When the USB is not connected to the charging adapter, it can supply 5V power through USB to charge the mobile phone or other devices up to 1000mA charging current.
2. Automatically activate the battery that has been over-discharged to 0V.
3. Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, constant current and constant voltage charging mode.
4. Anti-reverse protection to prevent reverse polarity protection of the battery.
3. Actual charging description
1. The magnetic end corresponds to the positive and negative contacts of the lithium-ion battery. After the charging adapter is connected to the AC power supply, it is plugged into the USB interface to start charging the rechargeable battery. When charging, the green light flashes and the full-charge green light is on.
2. The magnetic end corresponds to the Li-ion lithium ion battery, and the mobile phone charging cable is plugged into the USB interface to charge the mobile phone. The blue light is long when discharging.

   1. This product is limited to charging lithium-ion batteries. If other batteries are charged, it may cause explosion, battery rupture or liquid leakage, personal injury or property damage.
  2. There is a danger of damage if the charging cable is not used correctly.
  3. This charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor charging and can prevent rain, but do not immerse it in water.
  4. Do not disassemble or assemble the charging cable.

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