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Overview and Specifications:

This flashlight is only for camera and camcorder which has night vision function.Can't use with other type of camera which does NOT have night vision function.  lease check with your devices before buying 
940nm wavelength flashlight is not visible to human eyes.
850nm wavelength flashlight is visible to human eyes, very little light. The LED chip from this flashlight turns red by naked eyes when the light on, however the light beam need to be detected by night vision scopes or non-IR filter cameras.
Model: IR850nm
Quantity: 1 Piece
Material: Aluminum
LED Type: Infrared IR850nm Core
Emitter BIN: IR850nm
Color BIN: Red
Number of Emitters: 4
Working Voltage: 1.2V
Power Supply: 1 x AA battery  
Current: 800mA
Theoretical Lumens: 350lumens
Actual Lumens: 280lumens
Number of Modes: 1
Mode Arrangement: steady on
Switch Type: Reverse clicky
Switch Location: Tailcap
Beam Range: 10m
Strap/Clip: Clip included
Other Features: Waterproof
illuminates with Night Vision Equipment, invisible to naked eyes from a certain distance Use with Night Vision Goggle, Night Vision Camera, Digital Camera, great source for IR source lighting.
Water Resistant – Water Resistant – With "O" Ring sealed on both ends
Shock Resistant – Hard anodized for extreme corrosion impact
Made by High Quality aluminum alloy

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