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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description Model Number: S1Condition: New CNC or Not: CNC  Stepper Motor with Bluetooth and Suction Cup by default
1.Full Open Source
uArm Swift Pro features to support the user secondary development, providing Python / Arduino C + + / ROS programming language development kit, and all the source code. It is perfect for JAVA, C + +, C # and other high-level language learning, too. 2. A Wealth Of Applications
The possibilities brought by uArm is unlimited. You will explore the robotics world with picking up and dropping off objects, laser engraving, 3D printing, writing and drawing, path planning, robotics learning and more. 3. Blockly: Graphical Programming Interface
Everyone can control uArm by simply dragging and dropping modular blocks on the PC or other devices. No worries if you don’t know how to code, since the interactive interface and simple steps of Blockly helps. 4. Multiple control methods
uArm Swift Pro supports multiple control methods, such as Windows/MacOs/Linux/iOS/Android. Examples are offered to get started. 5. OpenMV Camera Vision Kit
The open source Vision Camera Kit enhances the the uArm with high precision object – recognition. Paired the Vision Camera with the uArm, you can mock up the intelligent automation demos, such as pick amp,place, sorting, and passing objects. 6. uArm Studio: an idle for your creative ideas
uArm Studio is a software for makers to conduct different projects with ease. It is featured in Blockly, laser graving, 3D printing, writing amp, drawing, learning mode and real time control, etc. 7. Make IoT Projects with uArm
uArm Swift Pro supports over 40 sensors as end-effector, such as infrared, color, ultra-distance, sound, light, pressure sensors and more.

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