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Overview and Specifications:

Product name, new version of the military regulations EMT first aid with fine teeth survival rescue scissors
Color, black army green mud orange
Material, stainless steel blade surface matt black titanium color treatment, to prevent reflection and never rust.
Size, 18.3*9.2cm (the size of the thick and thin models is the same)
Features, the handle of the human learning engineering design, labor-saving and powerful, the blade part of the black oxidation to prevent reflection, the tooth structure even if it is difficult to cut nylon fabric or umbrella rope, etc., the round hole has stripping and so on.
EMT: emergency medical team Generally, this type of scissors is used for emergency medical treatment in the field. It is used to cut off the clothing or fabric that is attached to the injured person without turning the torso to remove the clothes. Of course, it can also be used for cutting gauze, medical dressing bandages, and the like.

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