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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 1 Size: 20cm
Material: ABS Model Number: m-188
Type: Acoustic Wave Age Group: All
Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

1: Acoustic vibration combined with flow clean technology, deep cleaning tooth stains

2: Food-grade environmentally friendly brush head, DuPont soft bristles, can deepen the gingival sulcus and tooth gap, deep cleansing the mouth

3: The body is waterproof, the whole machine adopts low voltage design, can be cleaned under water flow

4, USB charging fast battery life, convenient and fast

Product Name: Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Product color: pink, sky blue

Frequency: 30000 frequency

Use time: 15 days (2 minutes each morning and evening)

Charging time: 8 hours or so

Charging method: USB charging

Working mode: cleaning / polishing / whitening / gum care / sensitive

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