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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Size: Medium Model Number: LFK012
Material: Other Application: Body

1:10 intensity setting, let the fat vibrate through micro-current guidance, level 10 force adjustment, the more fat, the greater the beat

2: No motor is quieter, 600 pulses per minute, self-organized motion decomposition, burning, let you enjoy silent slimming

3: USB charging, no need for DC power, 12 hours for 1 charge

Product Name: Body Machine

Weight: 240g

Size: 19.8*13.7*4.8cm

Host button description
1. This button is used for mode selection. The six preset modes can be cycled and the corresponding lights will also be on.
2. Power on/upshift ON/▲: This button is the power on and up button. The first time you press this button to turn it on, the intensity is the first file. After that, press this button repeatedly to increase the intensity.
3. Shutdown/downshift OFF/▼: This button is the shutdown and downshift button. Each time the intensity is lowered, it will be turned off.
4. LED I sport mode: the first "I" blue light is on
5. LED II deep mode: the first "II" blue light is on
6. LED III oscillation mode: the first "III" blue light is on
7. LED IV massage mode: the first "IV" blue light is on

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