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Overview and Specifications:

Charging method: built-in cycle charging

Charging time: fast charge for 2 hours

Use time: 75 minutes

Body power: 5W

Rated voltage: 220V-50Hz

Body material: high quality ABS plastic

Product size: 130 x50 x 168mm
1: R angle ceramic cutter head, free to close, refuse to scratch, using high-grade raw materials to burn ceramic cutter head, ceramic smooth, delicate, hardness, wear level, diamond mature polished R tooth chamfer to do precision processing, ensure the knife The head is in contact with the skin and does not harm the skin.

2: USB charging, safer/convenient, anti-leakage charger, with peace of mind

3: IPX7 standard waterproof. The whole machine is washed and can be soaked for 1 hour!

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