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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Size: Large Model Number: J401Z5
Material: Other Application: Body

1. Eliminate fatigue caused by intense exercise and relax muscles.

2. Eliminate the pain caused by poor circulation of blood and blood for many years.

3. Eliminate shoulder spasms caused by sleeping pillows.
4. Eliminate the pain caused by fatigue or rheumatism.
5, massage head is convenient for all parts of the body massage.
6, large area infrared heat therapy.
7, burning fat, local weight loss.

Product efficacy:

1. Eliminate fatigue and enhance immunity.
2, enhance skin permeability, improve blood circulation, double the massage effect.
3, promote sleep, improve neurasthenia and insomnia.
4, adjust blood pressure, high blood lipids.

5, to prevent cerebral thrombosis, dizziness, frequent nocturia, constipation and so on.
6, Jiannao Tongluo, soothing nervous tension.
Product Name: Dolphin Massager

Product model: NBC-J401Z5

Product material: ABS, PP

Working time: 15min

Rated power: 50-60HZ

Rated power: 28W

Rated voltage: 220V

Wire: 160cm

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