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Overview and Specifications:

Color: silver

Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz

Power: 500W

Single package size: 156*112*200 (mm)

Foaming time: 100 seconds

Cup body structure: double layer, inner 304 stainless steel
spray Teflon, outer layer is stainless steel.

Weight: 1.0KG


1. Professional stainless steel design, beautiful and

2. Smart foaming milk, micro-computer control, fine and
long-lasting foam, suitable for cappuccino Cappuccino, Latte Latte, Macchiato
and other fancy coffee.

3. Three main functions: * Foaming and heating milk at the same
time, * Cold foaming milk is not heated, * Heating milk does not foam.

4. One-button operation, automatic foaming after pressing the
button, without training, without the need of a professional barista, a
professional barista level of milk foam can be made with one button, the milk
will automatically cut off the power after the foaming is completed, energy
saving and environmental protection.

5. After heating, the temperature of the milk foam is about 65
°C, so as to ensure that the nutrients of the milk are not destroyed.

6. Separate base, 360° rotation, power cord exposed length 0.70

7. Silicone soft button, feel good, and highlight two-color
indicator light, different colors display different working conditions, more

8. Transparent cup cover, the working state can directly
observe the formation of foaming of the cup of milk, and the body is fun.

9. The cup body is made of double-layer stainless steel
structure, the inner tank is made of 304 stainless steel, the inner surface is
sprayed with special oxygen dragon, easy to clean, and the outer layer is made
of stainless steel, which has heat insulation effect.

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