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Overview and Specifications:

Model: EL-55
First, the installation location selection
• The direction of radiation from the detector lens should be perpendicular to the direction in which the thief may break.
·Select the installation height
Lens type Mounting height
Standard 2.2 m
Anti-pet lens 1.2 m
Long distance lens 2 meters
Curtain lens 1 m

• Avoid radiators, heating/freezing machines and air conditioners near the detector.
• Do not install the detector in direct sunlight.
• Avoid large obstacles in front of the detector.

Second, the installation instructions
1. Unscrew the lower end of the detector and open the front cover.
2. Rotate the button of the fixed circuit board and remove the circuit board.
3. Pull out the outlet hole on the rear cover wire trough.
4. Select the appropriate height to install the back cover.
5, connect the terminal block (as shown below)


TAMP, NC (terminal 1, 2): normally closed, tamper-proof terminal
+VIN, GND (terminals 3, 4): 12VDC power supply, 3+, 4-
RLY, NC (terminals 5, 6): normally closed, alarm terminal

Third, operation and adjustment

1. Warm-up time: The detector needs to be warmed up for 90 seconds after it is energized.

2. Set the number of pulses: You can set the number of pulses by adjusting the jumper number (see below)
Jumper position pulse number
Jump off 1
Connection 2 amp,3 2
Connection 1 amp,2 3

Note: When the lens is a long distance or curtain type, the number of pulses can be adjusted up to two.

3. Vertical angle adjustment: Release the circuit board button and the board can move up and down. Coverage area when the vertical angle adjustment scale is at the 0 position
For 14X14 meters, when the adjustment scale moves in the -10 direction, the detection distance becomes smaller. See the table below.
Installation height
Scale 0 scale – 5 scale -10
2.5 m 14 m 13 m
12 meters 2.0 meters 13 meters
12 meters 11 meters 1.5 meters
12 meters 11 meters 10 meters

4. Walking test: The walking test must be in an open area, moving perpendicular to the beam direction of the detector lens. Red light when the detector alarms
The diode will flash. (LED jumpers should be shorted.)

Technical Parameters:
Operating voltage: 9-16VDC
Power consumption: Standard: 15mA, Alarm: 17mA
Alarm interval: 1 second
Number of pulses: 1, 2 or 3 optional
Sensor: Dual source
Anti-radio interference: 30V/m to 1GHZ
Alarm relay: 30VDC/0.3A
Tamper relay: 30 VDC/50mA
Working temperature: -10o- 60oC
Temperature compensation: thermistor
Power reverse protection: diode
Fire protection: ABS plastic housing
LED light indication: Jumper optional
Dimensions: 114 X 60 X 50mm

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