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Overview and Specifications:

2 full-duplex intercom, pairing once next time you can enter the intercom, do not need to press the PTT button, automatic real-time call, stable performance! With AUX voice input, it is convenient to connect with ordinary walkie-talkie (PTT line needs to be purchased separately)
Brief introduction of E200 function:
The E200 is a full-duplex Bluetooth walkie-talkie based on Volkswagen. It is simple and practical. It can be used for full-duplex intercom between two E200s. It can automatically answer calls during cycling and outdoor sports, and can be used with dedicated PTT adapters. Ordinary intercom connection, compatible with ordinary walkie-talkie (PTT adapter cable needs to be purchased separately).
The launch of the E200 is the perfect solution to the safety of the riders in riding, automatic answering calls, close-up full-duplex intercom, and long-distance intercom group calls. It is a basic guarantee for motorcycle enthusiasts to ride safely and communicate infinitely.
Several major features:
HD binaural music Bluetooth headset function
Support AUX voice input, can be docked with ordinary walkie-talkie (PTT line purchased separately)
200m short-distance Bluetooth full-duplex intercom, 2km hand-held intercom distance
AUX voice input and Bluetooth intercom support, ready to control real-time information

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