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Overview and Specifications:

Automatic two-way communication without any buttons
Anti-jamming, noise-free function
Two-way audio recording output
The voltage of this model is 110v / 220V

All our products are brand new.

Anti-jamming, noise-free function
Two-way voice intercom communication technology, which automatically recognizes and processes voice signals during a call without any action
Dedicated reverse tone processing chip with automatic mute function
Application of automatic call control, the external microphone and speaker are integrated design, connected with the host front-end system, easy to install
Comprehensive use of electro-acoustic technology experience, the selection of high-performance electro-acoustic circuit design, output power up to 3W, the sound is clear and loud, the difference is high.

Two-way internal and external voice signal output (recorded by bank teller), stereo jack output mode, which prevents voice recording function from being controlled by power switch and function button

Uses: Banks, securities, hospitals, bus stations, etc. where the anti-theft glass is re-installed

Working voltage: AC9V / 1
Main sound (secondary sound): 3W
Internal microphone: -48db 20Hz-20KHz
External microphone: -48db 20Hz-16KHz
Appearance size: 158x87x46cm/78×20 mm

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