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Overview and Specifications:

[product name] : quick charge QC 3.0 dual USB charger
[product model] : cs-723a1 / cs-723a2 / cs-723a3 / cs-723a4 / cs-723a5
[product net weight] : 33G
Gross weight: 35G
[product size] : head diameter: 3.7cm, body length: 5.4cm
Opening size: 2.9cm
[product material] : ABS resistant to high and low temperature, flame retardant and environmental protection material
[color of product] : black
Light color: blue light, red light, green light, orange light, white light
Input voltage: dc12v-24v
[general output] : 5V/ 2.4v
[quick charge output] : 5V/ 3.4a;9 v / 2.5 A;12 v / 2 a
[maximum power] : 30W
No load power: 0.18w
[USB number] : one is ordinary USB and one is QC 3.0 quick charge
[temperature] : the minimum is 20 ℃, the highest is 80 ℃
Waterproof grade: IP66
[product accessories] : deliver two blue terminals
[product use] : can be used to power most of the on-board supplies such as mobile phones, tablets, ipads, navigation and GPS
[scope of use] : it can be installed on cars, motorcycles, beach cars, RVS, suvs, boats, yachts, and other transportation tools[product features] : multiple protection functions: input overvoltage and undervoltage protection;Output overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection;Reverse connection protection;Chip internal high temperature protection.
[product advantages] : [1] USB1 outputs 5V 2.4a and supports DCP BC1.2/ apple Divider3/ samsung 1.2v fast-charge agreements.And it's compatible with all kinds of tablets.
[2] the output voltage of USB 2 is 5v3.4a 9v2.5a 12V2A.The agreement includes 2. Quickfill: DCP BC1.2, apple Divider3/ samsung 1.2v
Fast charging protocols such as qualcomm QC2.0/QC3.0, huawei SCP, FCP, samsung AFC, and spreadtrum SFCP can support huawei super fast charging.
[3] it can be installed in cars, motorcycles, beach cars, RVS, suvs, boats, yachts, and other transportation tools
[4] ABS material resistant to high and low temperature resistance of flame retardant environmental protection, can be in – 20 ℃ — 80 ℃ environments, and resistant to flame retardant properties, safety coefficient is very high
[5] the black case, red, blue, green, orange and white aperture design, with fine workmanship, the whole product looks high-end

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