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Overview and Specifications:

1. The refill is smooth, the touch is delicate, smooth and easy to color

2. The material is light, soft, practical, aerodynamic, drawing the color of the lips, not easy to seep out.

3. Bring your own lip brush, assist with blooming, evenly color, create a delicate bite lip makeup

4. Outline the delicate lip shape, the combination of point and line surface, easy to fit the lip shape, soft brush stroke, can reduce or increase the lip area

100% new high quality
1. Brand: OULLIS/Olivia

2. Color: 9 colors
3. Shelf life: 3 years
4. Product weight: 25g

5. Product color number: 01#活力红02#致红03#桥红 04#豆沙色05# 复古红06#西柚色07#南瓜色 08#奶茶色09#姨妈色

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