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Overview and Specifications:


Noise Reduction: Mavic PRO Platinum adopts
upgraded FOC sine-wave drive structure ESC and noise reduction propeller, which
has good noise reduction performance and can effectively prevent flying noise
from disturbing the surroundings.

Record 4K Video: Mavic PRO Platinum supports
recording 4K video to restore more image details.

3-Axis Mechanical Holder: Mavic PRO
Platinum adopts DJI’s advanced 3-axis mechanical holder system to effectively
prevent camera shake, making the shot smooth and stable.

FlightAutonomy: Mavic Pro Platinum is
equipped with FlightAutonomy system, which is composed of Five-Eye Vision,
GPS/GLONASS Dual-Mode Satellite Positioning System, Ultrasonic Module, Sensor
Redundancy and 24 High-Performance Computing Kernels In Close Cooperation to
realize accurate obstacle avoidance and accurate hovering flight.

DJI Binocular Stereo Vision Technology:
Mavic PRO Platinum adopts DJI Binocular Stereo Vision Technology, which can
sense the environmental conditions 30 meters ahead of flight in real time, and
can automatically brake, hover or detour in front of obstacles within 15
meters, thus greatly improving flight safety.

Foldable Design: Mavic PRO Platinum is
foldable and easy to carry, making it convenient for you to take photos anytime
and anywhere.

2 Sets of Sensors: Sensor failure is one of
the important security threats of drone. Mavic PRO Platinum is equipped with
two sets of IMU and compass sensors. When a group of sensors are abnormal, the
standby sensors intervene immediately to ensure stable and reliable flight.

Automatic Flight Altitude Adjustment: Mavic
PRO Platinum can automatically maintain the relative height with the ground
when flying autonomously. When flying over undulating mountains or forests,
Mavic PRO Platinum will automatically adjust the altitude to make the flight safer.

DJI Smart Battery: The smart battery is
safer and easier to use and easier to maintain. When not in use for a long
time, the battery can automatically enter the storage mode, thus prolonging the
service life.

Intelligent Identification: Intelligent
identification of shooting objects and automatic follow-up flight

Easy to Take a Selfie: You can easily take
a selfie by waving your hand toward the Mavic PRO Platinum camera.

Pointing to Flight: Click on the
destination on the screen and Mavic PRO Platinum will fly to the destination by


Main Material: PVC Plastic

Remote Control: Yes

App Control: Yes (Download APP by scanning
the two-dimensional code on the user manual)

Power Source: Electric

Charging Voltage: 13.05V

Plugs Type: USB

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Action Time: 30min

Controller Mode: MODE2

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Certification: 3C

Age Range: gt, 14 years old



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