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Overview and Specifications:

Product Details

PM2.5 Measuring Range 0 ~ 500μg/m⊃3,
Single Response Time lt,1s
Composite response time ≤10s
Resolution rate 1μg/m⊃3,
Counting Efficiency of Particulate Matter 50%@ 0.3μm 98%@ ≥0.5μm
Mass Concentration Consistency of Particulate Matte ±10% @ 100 ~ 500μg/m⊃3, ±10μg/m⊃3, @ 0 ~ 100μg
Temperature Measuring Range 10.0~50.0℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3℃
Humidity Measuring Range 0%~99%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH
PM2.5 Sensor PLANTOWER Laser Particulate Matter Sensor
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH
working time for Once Charging gt,4.5/h
Auto Power off 30minutes ( it cannot be power off automatically while charging time.)
Charging/ Battery DC 5V, 500mA, USB Connector / Li-ion 580mAh
Battery Li-ion 580mAh
Working Temperature -10.0℃~ 50.0℃,0%~99%RH
Net Weight 86G
Packing List

1pc PM2.5 Detector 1pc USB Connector 1pc User manual


Grade of Air Quality Average Value of PM2.5 in 24hours
Great 0~35μg/m3,
Good 35~75μg/m3,
Mildly Polluted 75~115μg/m3,
Moderately Polluted 115~150μg/m3,
Seriously Polluted 150~250μg/m3,
Severely Polluted gt,250μg/m3,


aeProduct.getSubject() 1. Laser Particulate Matter Sensor
2. Power on/off
3. Air Hole
4. USB Interface (for charging only)
5. LCD Display
aeProduct.getSubject() 6. Setting
7. Up
8. Down

9. Temperature and Humidity Sensor

aeProduct.getSubject() 1.PM2.5 Value
2. Temperature
3. Power
4.PM2.5 Unit
5. Humidity

Power on/off

Short press to turn on the device. The device start to monitor PM2.5 after 10s. Long press to turn off the device.

1. When the detected result over the setting value, the result will blink in red to alarm.
2. Short press to set the alarm. Short press or to adjust the value when the value is twinkling.Long press or to adjust more quickly.
Short press to save the setting. Or short press to cancel the setting and return to the main screen

Battery Charging
The device ex-factory with USB connector. A power adapter with DC 5V, gt,500mA is suggested for charging.

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