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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Ingredient: Instrument + gel Model Number: 6666
Size: Moderate NET WT: Other

1: Quickly remove the tooth, quickly break down the protein mucosa on the tooth surface, and separate the smoke, tea, coffee stain and other derivatives from the tooth surface to quickly eliminate the tooth

2: Effectively remove yellow teeth, strongly penetrate into the microporous structure of teeth, combine with pigment molecules in enamel, undergo redox reaction, and effectively eliminate yellow teeth

3: Effectively remove black teeth, including ultra-fast whitening factor, effectively penetrate into dentin, decompose and remove pigmentation in teeth, deep remove black teeth


1 Brush your teeth before use, then wipe the water off your teeth with a paper towel.

2 link beauty instrument, link beauty instrument and conversion line

3 Apply the gel, spread the gel, and apply it on both sides of the toothpick. The thickness is about 1MM.

4 Start the beauty instrument. Place the instrument in the mouth and start it for 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

5 brush your teeth for the second time and clean the beauty instrument

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