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Overview and Specifications:

It is as famous as its name, luxurious in style, and it has the
excellent features of all ordinary scratch maps.

But slightly larger and with more complex details and more

The black background with copper foil makes it look more
stylish on any wall.

The Scratch Map Deluxe Edition offers incredibly complex
geographic details such as land-to-ocean links.

Allows you to experience a more complete view of the world on
the map. The outermost layer of this high-quality, paintable large map is a
gold-plated sheet.

Gently scrape with a coin to present a new world.

Exquisite small tact packaging makes you creative whether you
are using it yourself or giving it away.

Map actual size: 82.5*59.5cm

Single cylinder size: 62*5.5cm

Single weight: 0.23g

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