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Overview and Specifications:

-Use the steps to deeply clean the pores first
-Apply ultrasonic soothing massage after applying cleansing lotion or other cleansing on your face
-The instrument probe is slowly massaged in a small circle, and the operation time is about 5 minutes
-After applying the lotion on the face, massage directly with the probe
-Use the photon rejuvenation function, and adjust the desired color according to the gear position
-Wear a custom eye cover with an illumination distance of 5 – 10cm and a 5 second dwell time
-Slowly moving, the irradiation time is preferably controlled every 8 – 10 minutes
-Enhance nutrient absorption, and absorb nutrients directly to the bottom of the skin
-Nano-color light can reach the dermis layer and increase skin elasticity
-Red light shines directly to the bottom of the skin to change collagen
-Lightens melanin, regulates cell activity, and diminishes freckles
-Micro-vibration tightens the skin, tightens the skin and prevents sagging
-Charging for 6 hours, normal use time 3 hours
-Battery capacity: 600mAh

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