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Overview and Specifications:

1. Rated voltage: DC24V
2. Maximum load current: 1.5A
3. Capacity: 12L/min
4. Head: 2m
5. Body material: stainless steel
6. Pump height: 112mm
7. Pump body diameter: 38mm
8. Outlet diameter: 16mm
9. Outlet diameter: 11mm
10. Wire length: 3m
11. Plug type: alligator clip
12. Product function: It is suitable for medium transportation of diesel oil, kerosene, water, etc. It can also be used for oil change of agricultural machinery, oil change of engineering machinery, wine cellar pumping, and fish tank water change.
13. Product Features: This portable fuel pump has stable performance. Fully sealed, insulated. This product is small in size and easy to install and carry. The wire is 3 meters long and the pump port diameter is 16 mm. It is suitable for harvesters, large agricultural machinery, construction machinery, large-wheel tractors and other fields that are inconvenient to refuel in the field and equipment and machinery that cannot reach the gas station.

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