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Overview and Specifications:

This Bluetooth Receiver enables wireless listening to any Bluetooth enabled device.
It works by being plugged into a speaker, an earphone or an audio system of choice, and being
paired with the music player via the Bluetooth connection.
After pairing, the users can enjoy the music at their will!
1.Easy to Operate: Simply connect your speaker/headset with our device, immediately transform your speaker/headset into a fashionable wireless Bluetooth speaker/headset.
2.Wireless Play: Removing troubles of wired connection, through the wireless connection and transmission, the user can enjoy a high fidelity music at any place indoor by wireless control.
3.Portable Design: Mini size with clip design the feature of portable can let you carry them to anywhere you want.
4.Support for iPhone, for Android phone, other smart phones which with Bluetooth A2DP function.
5.Compatible with home stereos / speaker, car stereos, headphones that is with 3.5mm audio input.
6.Suitable for iPhone, Android phone, any other smart phones which with Bluetooth function.
7.Rechargeable micro usb interface for charging, easy to charge.

Connect Bluetooth: Long press the middle button until you saw blue and red light flashing alternatively,then use your phone search and connect the bluetooth
Turn off: Long press the middle button for three seconds until the red and blue lights double flash

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