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Overview and Specifications:

1: Jelly is really moist and translucent, rich in flower
essence nourishing ingredients, cares for delicate lip muscles, and effectively
moisturizes lips.

2: Temperature-sensing discoloration Thousand-color unique
temperature-changing technology changes with the temperature of the human body,
thousands of people.

3: Fantasy stars gold foil shines with gold foil particles, the
texture is smooth and translucent, all day moisturizing, dreamy stars 璀璨.

[product name] dream star lipstick

【Product Model】 9977

【Net Content】 3.8g

[color selection] four colors optional

[Features] Silky coloring, creating a star-like radiant lip
makeup, contains true flowers nourish, double nourish, temperature change
factor, thousands of thousands of colors.

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