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Overview and Specifications:

1, the safety of traditional fans using blades to cut the wind,
easy to cut children\’s fingers, ambush a certain risk. The bladeless fan has no
blade rotation and has high safety factor and no danger. And the bladeless fan
is not as top-heavy as a traditional fan, so it is more stable.

2. Environmental protection adopts imported ABS material.

3, healthy leafless fan optimized by air multiplication
technology, blowing to the front of the human body is 100% natural wind,
containing oxygen ions, especially pregnant women, the weather is hot, blowing
air conditioning is easy to get sick, bladeless fan for pregnant women and
babies Have a good protection! And it has good health effects for both the
elderly and children.

4, comfort Because the traditional fan uses the blade to cut
the air to push the airflow, this air flow will produce a dramatic wind impact
when it blows to the human body, which is not stable and makes people feel very
uncomfortable. The leafless fan makes people feel cool and cool through
continuous air flow, without any impact, smoother and more comfortable.

5, power-saving leafless fan is half the energy consumption of
ordinary traditional fans! Super energy saving!

6, easy to clean the traditional fan using the blade structure,
it is very inconvenient to clean in daily life, because it takes a lot of time
to disassemble, clean, re-install, check and so on. The leafless fan is free of
disassembly and cleaning. It can be cleaned with a cotton cloth in a normal way.
It can be completed in a few seconds, which is convenient and more time-saving,
trouble-saving and effective.

7, creative high-end whether it is used or bought to give
people, are very good grades. Putting it at home is also an alternative
arrangement that highlights your noble taste.

8, the price of cheap and leafless fans is almost the same as
the traditional ordinary fan, but it is one tenth of the price of air
conditioning products!

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 6W

Wind speed: 3M/S

Product material ABS

Gear position: 2nd gear (natural wind / refreshing wind)

The American standard has an adapter.

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