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Overview and Specifications:

1. This product has the function of simulating sunrise wake up and sunset with sleep.

2. The appearance of the product is simple and cute, with multiple sets of personalized alarms to meet your different needs.

3. The product has an alarm clock, two snooze functions, and wake you up every morning.

4. This product has stepless dimming, time display function and time memory function.

5. This product can not be charged, with a USB cable, you need to connect the USB cable when you work.

[product name] Sweet Dream Time Rabbit


1. Material: Silicone + ABS

2. Product size: 151x101x182mm

3. Packing: color box

4. Accessories: USB cable

5. Power parameters: 3.1W
6. Battery capacity: in-line

7. Working voltage / current: 5V

8. The weight of a single product (including a color box) is about: 0.45KG

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