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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Size: 140mm Material: ABS
Model Number: 8809 Certification: CE
Time to market: 2014 Use: Household
Power Source: Electric Voltage: 210-240V
Heating element: Infrared Type of motor: DC
Nozzle type: Air collecting Number of gears: 2
Max. power: 750W Plug standard: Chinese
Function: Thermostatic Portability: Foldable handle

1. Foldable handle design, easy to store and carry
2. 2-Level temperature adjustment
3. Although the size is small, the core is strong, the corrugated heating wire is used, the heating speed is fast, the temperature is relatively stable, the damage to the hair is reduced, the built-in overheat protection device is automatically turned off, and the power is automatically turned off when overheating.

4. Small body and large wind, 750w power can also blow strong wind, fast dry hair, hair is gentle care, so dry hair does not hurt hair

5. Healthy soft wind mode, prevent hair from overheating and damage, and protect hair health during fast dry hair

6. Thermal balance technology to prevent local overheating and damage hair, thus making hair healthier and brighter

Product material: ABS

Product power: 750w

Product voltage: 220V

Product plug: 2 plug

Product line length: about 1.5 meters

Product features: constant temperature

Product color: yellow / pink / green / red

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