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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Length: 21.5 Width: 3.8
Diameter: 21.5 Weight: 167
Model Number: TS-S60 Feature: LUMINOVA
Form: Single Face Function: Snooze Function
Shape: Square Screen Type: LED
Style: Other Motivity Type: Digital
Display Type: Digital Material: Plastic

1: LED digital display wall clock

2: 3D stereo wall clock

3: 3-level brightness adjustment


LED time display.

The 12/24 hour display is available for you to choose from.

Alarm clock and nap function.

Night mode setting (18:00-06:00)

3 function buttons (mode, up, down)

time setting:

Press 2s to enter the time setting, setting the order:

Alarm system:

In the alarm mode, press the 2s button to enter the time
setting, setting the order: 1 hour – 1 minute sleep time. When set, “AL” will

When the alarm goes off:

Awkward voice!

Press mode to stop ringing and hiccup, “AL” will flash to the
alarm time.

Press to stop ringing up or down, \\'AL\\' will not flash.

Napping time setting:

The default nap time is 5 minutes. In the alarm mode, press 3s
to set the sleep time, then press the up and down keys to set the sleep

Night mode:

In night mode, the clock automatically reduces the brightness
of the LED. In night mode, press the 2s button to enter night mode.

Press mode to turn night mode on/off.

When the night mode is on, press the mode to end the night mode
setting, setting the order: start hour – start minute – end hour – end

Brightness level setting:

Brightness level: bright, medium, dark

The default brightness level is medium.

Press to switch the brightness level.

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