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Overview and Specifications:

1. Pet laser is a cat stick, mini compact, with LED lighting and laser two modes, can be used as a key pendant, carry it, happy to make cats,
2. Cats are naturally like fast moving items. When the laser appears, it can\’t wait to rush to help the cat exercise and enhance emotional communication.
3.With 3 button batteries, use directly, no need to buy additional batteries,
Product: Laser funny cat stick
Material: aluminum alloy
Red wavelength: 650NM
Lighting power: 5W
Power: three AG3 button battery
1 Please try not to direct the laser directly at the cat\’s eyes,
2 Because the cat is very fond of playing, please control the entertainment time to avoid excessive fatigue,

3 When the power is insufficient, please replace the battery in time. The battery is a common button battery in 3 markets.

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