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Overview and Specifications:

Absorbent beads are highly water-absorptive carriers that store moisture, nutrients and trace elements and have multiple colors. After absorbing water, the product is crystal clear, bright and colorful, and can be used to grow plants and as an ornament. It is used indoors to plant a variety of shaded aquatic plants, which contain a certain amount of trace elements to meet the normal growth of plants.

It is widely used in soilless cultivation of indoor plants, decorative daffodil pool, flower arrangement, crystal candlestick, water cluster decorations, urban people\’s desk, Christmas gifts, daily home greening, fragrance raw materials, etc.

Can also be used for children\’s water gun marbles toys

Crystal beads are crystal clear after water absorption, and have excellent shape. They are widely used in the decoration of glass bottles and can be used according to the color to achieve different effects.

Absorbent beads are also known as: water-absorbent resin balls, growth balls, bubble beads, marine baby, crystal mud, biospheres, expansion beads, life beads, and the like.

Material: crystal mud

Color: multi-color optional

Weight: 120g

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