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Overview and Specifications:

The CN-16 102 pcs LED video light can be mounted on the flash to provide continuous illumination options for the flash or as an auxiliary source to help you achieve optimal lighting and professional shooting. This is energy efficient and the color temperature filter can be adjusted. More importantly, the compact size and moderate weight make it ideal for transport and outdoor capture. An incredible and indispensable accessory for every professional and amateur photographer!
With 102-LED lights, it optimizes illumination and diffuse, ensuring perfect adjustment of the frame.
It can be mounted on a flash, providing continuous lighting options for the flash and creating a fantastic lighting solution for photo and video capture.
The sash light box design, flexible connection part, suitable for different sizes of flash.
Dimming button for dimming lights and additional filters to adjust the color temperature to suit different shooting conditions.
It comes with a mounting shoe that can be attached to the shoe camera with a shoe rack or attached to other camera accessories.
This ultra-bright 102-inch LED can be used for video capture and can be used for both installation and supplemental luminaires.
Powered by 5 * AA batteries (not included).
Compact design, high power, good durability and low heat generation.

Lux distance
1 meter 790
2 meters 188
3 m 72

4 meters 45

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