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Overview and Specifications:

1. The red and green two-color lights are alternately combined, and the colorful shooting has a long range, and the illuminated area is wide and the light is bright.
2. At first sight, the renderings show thousands of shapes of remote control switching.
3. Product applications: vacation, gardens, parks, house facades, holiday tree DJs, bands, bars, bars, clubs, ice skating, KTV, family gatherings, birthday celebrations, festivals, shopping malls, shops, shops, etc.
Product parameters:
Voltage: 110-265V 50-60HZ
Power consumption: low temperature preheating maximum power consumption / 14W, normal temperature power consumption / 3W
Light source: green laser 30mW + red laser 80mW
Operating temperature range: -15 to 35 degrees, low temperature preheat start 2-15 minutes
Working mode all-round remote control (full star / factory configuration or map change function) dual light control, speed
Adjustable speed, timing or irregular output control.
Shell color: black
Power: European regulations and US regulations, line length / AC + DC line, total length 3M, (English and Australian regulations need to add 2 yuan)
Product waterproof rating IP65
1. Inner box size: 14.5*10.8*22cm color box packaging
2. The net weight of a single product: 0.46KG 24 units / box
3. Outer box size: 45.5*45.5*
4. Net weight: 19KG Gross weight: 20.25KG

5. Package includes: 1x red and green dynamic laser light, 1x ground plug, 1x manual 1x remote control

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