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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name  Oil Filter Wrench  
Inside Diameter  65mm / 2.56"  
Flutes Number  14  
Square Socket Size  13 x 13mm / 0.51" x 0.51" (L*W)  
Description: •The item is a perfect fit to remove spin-on filters and filter housings.
•Special design to fit oil filters found behind crank sensor without crushing it.
•65mm with 14 flutes for a snug no-play,no-slip fit.
•It is made of good quality metal and very durable.
•The top is square hole and external hexagonal,so you can use the corresponding standard tools to twist.
•The inner wall surface design of polygonal dome can increase the bite force of oil filter wrapped.
•It is fit for many vehicles and not easily deformed.
•The surface is smooth and easy to install.

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