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Overview and Specifications:

When using, first reverse the product, the mouth of the base is aligned with the mouth of the beverage bottle, and tighten tightly.

Then reverse the drink and put it on the table.

If it is soda, just use the handle to release the drink when you use it! If there is no gas, you need to press the bottle to make it out of the drink.

*Inverted carbonated drinks will feel better than other juice drinks or water. Because there is gas, there is no need to squeeze the bottles, but other beverages may need to be squeezed, the feeling of opening and not opening is different. Is a sealing device, without gas, it is difficult to get water,

If there is any water leakage, please reinstall or replace the white cushion at the mouth of the bottle mouth. If it is tight, there will be no water leakage.

Material: ABS + rubber

Product weight: 0.14kg

Boxed throwing weight 0.33kg

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