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Overview and Specifications:

1.Aluminum ball bearing box sliding unit with sealed ball bearings, easy to install by bolt on a working platform.
2.The universal Ball Bearings is great for you to replace the damaged Ball Bearings in your devices to improve them efficiency and save energy. 
3.Ball in the cage loop to run a smooth ball guide surface to ensure even if high-speed operation, low noise. 
4.Used for the design of linear motion products.
5.Widely used in home appliances,industrial,low noise and high speed electric motors,construction machinery, automotive components,pumps,and machinery.

Product Name: Linear Bearing
Package Content: 2pcs x Linear Bearing
Material: Aluminum, Rubber
Color: Silver Tone
Weight: 59g
Model: SCS6 LM6UU
Inside Diameter: 6mm 
Total Size: 25 x 18 x 30mm(L*W*H)
Mount Hole Dia.: 3mm
Mount Hole Distance: 20 x 15mm(L*W)

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