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Overview and Specifications:

This product is a special bluetooth car charger that can switch the call to the hands-free state via the professional bluetooth module as long as the mobile phone is provided with the bluetooth function. When the call is finished, it will be switched to the music play automatically. It can also send the music in your phone to your car sound wirelessly. You can enjoy the music and answer the call in hand-free mode without refitting your car, which ensure the driving safety while enjoying music. 

1. Any angle adjustable, and applicable for all types of vehicles
2. Digital LED Display
3. bluetooth Hand-free
4. bluetooth stereo music play 
5. Call Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction (CVC) technology
6. USB output max 5V/3.4A for device charging
7. Support stereo sound output and FM Transmission 
8. Power-off memory
9. bluetooth 4.2
10. Support bluetooth running in background
11. Support TF Card Music play
12. Support MP3 music play  

1. To improve sound effects, please select frequencies other than the strong radio frequencies to avoid interference.
2. The bluetooth operation methods can vary with different mobile phones.
3. If the system is restarted after powered off, some mobile phones may not resume bluetooth connection automatically. Manual connection is needed.
4. The system is compatible with 95% of the mobile phones in the market, but not with a few others. Please pay attention to the compatibility when purchasing the system.
5. In phone calling mode, the volume shall be moderate to avoid affecting the other end of the call.
6. Do not use the system in dusty, high-humidity, or extreme-temperature conditions.
7. Prevent the system from falling off, to avoid any and all damage

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