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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name Intelligent Translator

Model T9-(4G version)

Operating system Android (Android)

Operating system version Android 7.0

Colour: Black

Material Aluminum alloy + rear shell tempered glass + ABS material

Screen size 2.4 inches

Battery capacity 1200MA

Networking mode WiFi networking, physical SIM card

Body memory 32G

Camera 5 million pixels

Data interface Type-C interface

Voice support Supports 45 voices, 27 voices, and continues to increase language

Photo translation support

Speech recognition Microsoft SR

Translation engine Microsoft translation engine

Tts technology Baidu TTS

CPU brand MediaTek

CPU type mtk6737

CPU frequency 1.1GHZ

CPU core quad core

GPU model Mali-T720 MP1

4G network standard Mobile 4G: mobile TD-LTE, China Unicom 4G: Unicom TD-LTE, China Unicom FDD-LTE, Telecom 4G: Telecom TD-LTE, Telecom FDD-LTE.

3G network standard Unicom 3G: WCDMA.

2G network standard Mobile 2G: GSM, China Unicom 2G: GSM.
1. Photo translation. Take photos and translate. Fast focus. HD recognition. 2.4-inch capacitive screen multi-touch operation. 5 megapixel camera.

2. Two-way offline translation. Currently, we support offline translation in both Chinese and English, and more languages will be supported later.

3. Accent recognition. 45 accents can be identified. Maintain high accent accuracy with Microsoft SR speech recognition technology

Admit. And update buzzwords in real time. Proverbs and sentences, accents can also be identified.

4. Two-way online translation. After connecting with the Internet, press and hold the button, enter the language password for real-time translation, red and blue buttons, clearly indicating the Chinese and foreign languages. High translation accuracy! Both chat content can be displayed on the screen. Help you record key points.

5. battery capacity. Built-in 1200 mAh large capacity battery. The charging time is about 4 hours, providing you with 75 consecutive hours of work. Standby time is up to 15 days.

6. High quality speech recognition distance. Processed with noise reduction and high fidelity technology to identify and capture clear sound, even in noisy environments. It can also provide you with accurate translations.

7. Comfortable social distance – independent translation equipment, long sound recognition distance, compared to the smartphone to provide you with a comfortable communication distance while maintaining translation accuracy.

8. Exquisite appearance – Made of aluminum alloy case + rear case tempered glass + ABS material.

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