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Overview and Specifications:

1. Adopting Broadcom Bluetooth chip, typing reaction fast transmission, no delay.
2. Multi-function shortcuts.
3. Built-in Hall switch sensing, automatic sleep and wake-up function.
4. Creative folding and brackets,
5. High-grade material, built-in TPU soft plastic shell with pen tray.
6. Long battery life, normal working time up to 100 hours, standby time up to 120 days, beautiful appearance

Operating voltage 3.0V ~ 42V working current lt,3.0mA
Working hours 2100 hours Low electricity alarm 3.0 ~ 3.3V
Sleep current lt,0.3mA standby time 2120 days
Battery capacity lt,150mAh Battery life 3 years
Button life 3 million times Button strength 50g ~70g
Connection distance lt,10m Charging input 5V 1A
Charging current lt,200mA Charging time 2-3 hours
Charging interface Micro USB wake-up time 2~3 seconds
Pairing password No Operating temperature -10°C- + 55°C

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