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Overview and Specifications:

Product Specification: Suitable for pipe diameter 28mm-35mm, handlebars, rods, single swivel seat with 2 screws, kettle rack to be purchased separately
Product weight: About 90g
Product material: plastic

Product introduction
1 quick disassembly (without tools) hang the kettle rack at will, then hang it up.
Suitable for folding car: front and rear driver, tap, front tube, front fork, upper tube, front and rear seat tube can be easily suspended.
General car application: front and rear driver, tap, front tube, shock-proof fork, upper tube, lower tube, front and rear seat tube, rear fork can be easily suspended.

The kettle rack is not included in the picture, only used as display props, different batches of screw distribution will be different, change without notice, please know!

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