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Overview and Specifications:


Product Name: 2″ LCD R.P.M GAUGE Tachometer 12V High Speed Motor 2 吋 Colorful Light + LED Digital Table Black Face Black Circle
Product model: B4083
Instrument type: electric type tachometer
Dimensions: 52mm (2 inches)
Product packaging: carton packaging (size: 110mm*76mm*146mm)
Product gross weight: 146g
Applicable voltage: 12V
Measuring range: 0-10000 RPM
LED backlight: 7 color LED backlight
Outer ring color: 1, chrome 2, black
Shell color: black
Applicable models: 4 cylinder / 6 cylinder / 8 cylinder 12V car modification universal
High-speed motor, the speed is more accurate, the measuring range is 0~10000 R.P.M.
7 color LED backlight display cool, with LED digital display and red pointer indication Clear display speed
Simple and convenient to install, used to measure the speed.
Wiring method: red line to ignition switch 12V (+), black line battery (power supply) negative “-“, green line connected to speed sensing line
The product includes: 1 tachometer, 1 power cord, one manual

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