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Overview and Specifications:

Give your child more portability: Light weight, great for young
children to take photos and videos anytime, anywhere.

High solution and capacity: With a 1.44-inch SD LCD screen, the
camera supports photography and video playback, and kids can immediately see
what they are shooting or playing. Shoot high-resolution photos up to 2M
(1600×1200), 1.3M (1280×960), VGA (640×480), built-in microphone. There is no
built-in memory, but the BIBENE has a built-in SD card slot and a capacity of
1-32GB for storing all photos. (including SD card DONOT, it is recommended to
use Class 10 SD card)

For child safety: AMKOV locks the battery compartment with
screws because it is important for children\’s cameras that have no small parts
or batteries that can be swallowed or removed.

10-day standby time: Built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
saves energy and guarantees 1.5 hours of continuous recording time.
Automatically turns off after 5 minutes, no need to operate in camera or movie
mode to extend battery life.

Display: 1.44 inches

Video resolution: 1280 * 720 30FPS

Focus range: 0.5m – unlimited

Capture mode: continuous shooting (3pic), delayed shooting
(5s), off

Radio recording: built-in microphone

External SD card: up to 32GB MINI SD card

White balance: automatic

Flash: Automatic

Speaker: No

Date and stamp: On/Off

Auto power off: 5 minutes

Radio recording: built-in microphone

PC interface: USB 2.0

Capture mode: continuous shooting (3pic), delayed shooting
(5s), off

Language: 12 multi-language (Chinese, English, Japanese,
French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, etc.)

Please note

1. Please use the above high-speed legal copy SD card C10,
otherwise machine failure will occur. (SD card is not included in the

2. When the card is inserted or removed, a “click” sound
indicates that the SD card has been installed or removed.

3. The camera may not recognize non-standard SD cards or SD
cards formatted in other devices (such as computers)

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