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Overview and Specifications:

Net weight: 37.5 g
Gross weight: 59.6 g
Packing size: 9cm*5.5cm*6.5cm
Product size: 8.5cm* 5.5cm *5cm
Use voltage: AC90V-220V
Ultrasonic frequency: 24-74khz
Output power :<2w
Scope of action: 80-120 square meters
Scope of application: multiple environments
Appearance material: ABS flame retardant material
Zero noise, plug – in, break the traditional mode of anti – mosquito lamp, effective range of 120 square meters
ABS flame retardant material is safe to fall/high temperature, non-toxic, tasteless, noiseless and radiation-free
Scope of effect:
1. The machine can function effectively in rooms of 60-120 square meters.
2. Multi-function: it can generate extremely low frequency induction field, ultrasonic wave and infrared ray at the same time, while the same kind of products in the world only have ultrasonic wave, plus electromagnetic wave at most.Therefore, this product is the most comprehensive electronic insect repellent in the world.
3. Frequency conversion: the frequency of the three kinds of radio waves produced by this product is constantly changing at intervals, so that it will not make the pest such as mice have "adaptability" and "resistance" effect on a certain fixed frequency more obvious than other similar products.
4. The ultrasonic sound pressure produced by the machine is far away from the hearing range of human ears, and will not cause any harm to human body, family pets, etc., and will not interfere with household appliances.
5. The machine is safe, environmentally friendly, odorless, tasteless, energy consuming and equipped with advanced optoelectronic technology.

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