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Overview and Specifications:

1. Aluminum rod puncture needle: cut clay strips, design pottery, and can be used to punch holes in pottery beads.

2. Circular large flat wire cutter: trims the shape of the clay and controls the thickness of the clay wall.

3. Ribbon flat knife: Finely cut and trim the clay, adding some detailing.

4. Pottery wood chips: used for the opening and shaping of clay to make it smooth.

5. Cut the rope: Cut large pieces of clay and cut the pot from the wheel.

6. Sponge: Add water or water to the clay during production, or moderately polish the baked pottery.

7. Plastic wood knife: Two unique upper ends can be well shaped for clay.

8. Stainless steel scraper: Trimming the clay shape to smooth the clay.

Name: Eight sets of clay tools

Specifications: eight pieces

Weight: 0.15kg / set

Material: Wood Metal Sponge

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