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Overview and Specifications:

1: Stylish and beautiful seven-layer shoe rack, colorful style,
with non-woven dustproof,

2: Small footprint and practicality, 3 pairs of shoes can be
placed on each floor, a total of 7 layers,

3: Bold anti-rust round tube + non-woven fabric + PP material,
durable and easy to assemble,

4. You can use the shoe rack, put down the curtain and decorate
the room. The top can also store light rag dolls and other objects, which are
very beautiful,

Size: 60*30*125cm

Color: pink, green, blue

Material: anti-rust tube + non-woven fabric + PP material

Number of floors: 7 layers

Bearing capacity: balanced load of more than 60 kg

Product features: shoes, books and other items

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