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Overview and Specifications:

Rated capacity: 1300mAh
Standard voltage: 7.4v
Single chip: 3.7V
Monolithic voltage: 4.2V
Battery pack full voltage: 8.4v
Discharge multiple C number: 20C
Instantaneous discharge can reach: 40C
Charging current: it is recommended to use B6 balance charge, 1A
Discharge plug: JST plug, length 10cm, 16# silicone wire high temperature resistance.
Charging plug: 2S balance plug
Applicable models: small helicopter fixed wing, 1:16 model car model and other models.
Instructions for using batteries:
1. After receiving the lithium battery, it needs to be filled first.
2, voltage discharge voltage of each chip is 3.7V. 2S discharge is 7.4v. 3S discharge is 11.1v. 4S discharge is 14.8V. 6S discharge is 22.2v.
3. Over-discharge voltage will shorten the battery life, voltage error distance is too large, the battery is easy to drum, can not charge voltage and other losses!
4. It is strongly recommended that BB alarm be used in front of the battery, plug in the battery plug, when the voltage is discharged to the set voltage, the BBB alarm will be issued to stop flying and charge the battery!

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