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Overview and Specifications:

1: Intelligent hand-sweeping induction, sensing distance is
20mm, the waving light is bright in the sensing range, and the wave is
extinguished again.

2: Intelligent human body induction, the sensing distance is
2m, the light is bright when the person is close to the sensing range, the
person leaves, and the delay 30S lamp is automatically extinguished.

3: Intelligent active induction, door sensing, sensing distance
10mm, open the door, the light is always on, close the door, the light is

Product brand: Ming Ou Sen kitchen

Product model: MO8030-3

Product size: 450*50*8.8mm

Product power: 6W

Working power supply: DC12V

Lamp Bead Model: SMD5050*27pcs

Packing size: 500*65*25mm

Product color temperature: warm white, white

Luminous flux: 400lm

Weight: 0.25KG

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