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Overview and Specifications:


This is a car polishing pad, which is made
of premium material, environmentally friendly and safe, soft and flexible,
strong and durable, not easy to break or deform, and can be used repeatedly.


Diameter: 6 in

Premium and Durable: The polishing pad is
made of high quality materials, soft, delicate, flexible, washable and
reusable, and will not lint.

Hook and Loop Contact Surface: The
polishing pad is with a high performance hook and loop contact surface for
attaching with different backing pads firmly to prevent it from falling off due
to friction at high rotational speed during use.

Efficient and Labor-saving: Easily handle
difficult-to-rub synthetic polymer car wax, saving time, labor and energy.


Do not contact the product with asphalt and
solvent substances to prevent sponge degumming and affect its service life.


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