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Overview and Specifications:

100~240VAC, suitable for multi-country voltage, Zhilian switch
+ smart socket + wireless alarm + alarm linkage + scene control,

Remote control/APP remote arming and disarming, timing cloth

With line alarm interface, can be equipped with wireless sound
and light alarm, can be matched up to: 20 detectors + 2 controllers (switches,
door locks, etc.) + with / wireless sound and light alarm

Support voice control (support Amazon echo, Google home, NEST,
IFTTT, Tmall wizard, etc.), can expand the function of alarm linkage and turn on
the lights

6-piece set includes: intelligent gateway, intelligent
conversion socket, 2/3 Zhilian switch, remote control, button electric door,
button electric infrared one each

1, working power: 100 ~ 240VAC,

2. Working current: Standby: lt,100mA Alarm: lt,150mA (no wired alarm)

3. Working environment: Temperature: -10oC ~ 70oC Relative
humidity: 5% ~ 95%

4, WIFI frequency: 2.4Ghz Minimum receiving sensitivity:

5, wireless frequency: 433.92 / 868.42 MHz (dual frequency)

6, wireless distance: gt, 100 meters (empty)

7, the number of accessories: alarm detector: ≤ 20 controllers:
≤ 4

8, Dimensions: 68 * 68 * 13 mm

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