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Overview and Specifications:


USB-C PD Female Port (only charging)
1. USB-C interface with USB3.1 standard
2. USB-C interface supports forward and reverse plug-in
3. Supports PD uplink charging power up to 60W (20V / 3A)
USB 3.0 and 2.0 Interface:
1. using a standard USB-A interface
2. in line with USB3.0 standard 5Gbps / s transmission
3. Support read and write data, U disk, card reader, keyboard, mouse, removable hard disk
Extended External Storage and Data Transfer + Charged SSDs, Digital Cameras, etc.
4. USB3.0 single port output power 4.5W (5V / 0.9A) support for mobile phones and other devices to charge

TF memory card holder
1. Standard TF card slot
2. Using USB2.0 standard theory to transfer data: 480Mbps / s
SD memory card holder
1. Standard SD card slot
2. Using USB2.0 standard theory to transfer data: 480Mbps / s.
HDMI interface:
1. Using a standard HDMI-A interface
2. Support audio and video transmission, video support 4K x 2K / 30Hz and backward compatible
3. Black plastic core + nickel-plated shell
1. Device must support: DisplayPort Alternate Mode (DP Alt Mode) via USB-C,not compatible with devices which do not support the protocol of DP Alt Mode.
2. TF / SD card with a single drive letter chip, read only one card at a time.
3. Can not support the USB Hard Drive Power more than  5V 900mA,the hub will stop working.
4. the Nintendo Switch can not use with the hub
5. The hub can not read the USB Hard Drive which specification over 5V 900mA.

Type-C Compatibility List (No Complete List)
– for 2017 Macbook Pro
– for 2016 MacBook Pro
– for 2015 MacBook 12
– for iMac 2017/ Pro
– for Surface Book
– for ChromeBook Pixel
– for Dell XPS 13-9350-R1609 13.3  XPS 15
– for Acer V15 Nitro
– for ASUS GA-Z170X
– for  Samsung Notebook 9 900X5L-K01
– for  HuaWei MateBook
– for Acer Switch Alpha 12
– for hp SpecterX2
– for Cube i7 book
– for ASUS Zenbook 3
– for XiaoMi Air 12
– for Acer V17 Nitro
– for Huawei Mate 10 / mate 10 pro/ P20/ P20 Pro
– for galasy S8,S8+,S9 / NOTE 8
(To be Updated)

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