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Overview and Specifications:

1: Boutique led small sun stage light, light and compact, easy
to install, just need to install two small screws on the wall to hang on it,
colorful and beautiful colors are dazzling, very suitable for party

2: Super bright, stable quality, four colors (black and

3: Scope: Widely used in family gatherings, KTV rooms, night
clubs, clear bars, cafes, leisure clubs, bar aisles, furniture hotel decoration,
shop door.

1. Voltage: 220V, 110V

3. Power: 5W

4. Size: 14*13*6.2CM

5. Gross gross: 0.2KG

6. Light source: 48mm 5mm LED [16 red, green and blue]

7. Power plug default European regulations, US regulations
random delivery

8. Good performance, standby power consumption lt,1VA.

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