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Overview and Specifications:

1: Made of stainless steel, it is not easy to corrode and
crack, and it is durable.

2: High-quality LED chip, foot power, foot wattage, better
luminous effect, continuous illumination.

3: Adopting integrated high-quality heat-dissipating material,
the back cover is thickened and lengthened, and the design material is full,
ensuring full waterproofing and high efficiency to ensure the life of the

4: Siamese optical lens, high light transmittance, uniform
light color, high temperature resistance

5: Intelligent C drive, rain and dustproof, protect the light
source chip, bold power light line, two layers of jacket protection, longer use
time, the interface is sealed with silicone, rain and dust.

6: Uses: lawn lights, garden lights, garden path lights.

Model: DMD-10

Product Name: Square Underground Light

Protection level: IP68

Material: stainless steel panel

Light source type: wafer chip

Light source power: 5W

Voltage: 220V

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